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  • MMO1 - Techniques for Field Observation - Quiz Img 1

    Marine Mammal Observer Training Course

    • Marine Mammal Observer Course - FOUNDATION - ONLINE - £286.00
    MMO1 - Techniques for Field Observation - Quiz Img 1
    Become a certified Marine Mammal Observer and protect the worlds marine mammals.
  • Marine Mammal Observer - JNCC - Course

    • Marine Mammal Observer JNCC- REGIONAL UNIT - ONLINE - £225.00
    Welcome to JNCC/UKCS one day upgrade course. To complete this one day Upgrade course you must have taken our Full SoS online Marine Mammal Observer Course, this will have given you all the background information and laid a foundation for the JNCC course. This upgrade course will concentrate on all the legal aspects of JNCC […]
  • Australian MMO Course

    • Australian MMO REGIONAL UNIT - ONLINE - £286.00
    Welcome to the Marine Mammal Observer – for Australian waters online training course. This course will aim to provide you with all the background knowledge you need to become an EFFECTIVE and CONFIDENT Marine Mammal Observer in Australian waters. If you are going to work in Australian waters you MUST take this course in ADDITION […]
  • Marine Mammal Observer JNCC Classroom Facilitated Course

    Hi All and welcome to the Marine Mammal Observer Classroom course. Once you have booked your preferred date for the classroom facilitated course you will be given access to the online test modules. Please contact us to ensure that you book yourself on the correct course.   Module tests are taken online to standardise our […]
  • Marine Mammal Observer - Refresher Course - JNCC/UKCS

    • MMO Refresher Course - JNCC - ONLINE ONLY - £95.00
    Welcome to the Marine Mammal Observer online Refresher training course. There is a point where you feel that your skills are not keeping up with the fast, ever-changing pace of the industry. The tools within the industry change constantly so being familiar with them is vitally important.  Your client needs to know that you’re as competent at your […]
  • Pre Mobilisation and Practical

    • Pre Mobilisation and Practical REGIONAL DIFFERENCES WILL ALTER COST - £485.00
    Important information Please note, we can not solve any issues that you have with your own personal computers/Laptops/tablets. Android phones and iphones will not work with this course as the training material images will be too small to view. At the end of each session/day you MUST log out, and log back in at the […]