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  • Passive Acoustic Monitor Course

    • PAM Professional Training Course - ONLINE - £389.00
          Our online learning includes numerous types of media that deliver text, audio, images, animation, and streaming video. The online learning allows for self-paced asynchronous learning prior to the practical training an assessment module. This computer based training is suited to the long distance learner; with facilitators to help you at every step to assist your learning process without […]
  • Pre Mobilisation and Practical

    • Pre Mobilisation and Practical REGIONAL DIFFERENCES WILL ALTER COST - £485.00
    Important information Please note, we can not solve any issues that you have with your own personal computers/Laptops/tablets. Android phones and iphones will not work with this course as the training material images will be too small to view. At the end of each session/day you MUST log out, and log back in at the […]