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Welcome to the Marine Mammal Observer online Refresher training course.

There is a point where you feel that your skills are not keeping up with the fast, ever-changing pace of the industry. The tools within the industry change constantly so being familiar with them is vitally important.  Your client needs to know that you’re as competent at your job now as you were when you first started.

The refresher course was devised to prove to your clients that you have the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry. Some of the information in the modules we are hoping you have been using constantly while working, while some of you have not worked in the industry in since you took the course, this will be a great reminder of what you should now be doing.

This course will aim to provide you with all the background knowledge you need to become an EFFECTIVE and CONFIDENT Marine Mammal Observer.

We have selected these modules to ensure that you are using the most updated JNCC forms and spreadsheets, included is a module with up-to-date monitoring methods being used in the industry now.

Please note that some modules have tests requiring documents to be submitted in word/PDF/excel/jpeg  format, therefore you might have issues if you are using Apple/Macs. As the industry is based around the android/PC systems you would have already encountered these issues.


Important information

Please note, we can not solve any issues that you have with your own personal computers/Laptops/tablets.

  • Android phones and iphones will not work with this course as the training material images will be too small to view
  • At the end of each session/day you MUST log out, and log back in at the start of each day, your login times are recorded on the system and the times are added to your overall competence
  • You Must click only ONCE on the green complete quiz button, if you click more than once numerous quizzes will be sent to the system and only one is marked, therefore the system will lock you out until all quizzes have been reviewed
  • If you fail the Quiz you can retake again, but you MUST click on the Red Reset Quiz button before you can take the Quiz again
  • Your online course MUST be taken by you, we will randomly call the student to ensure of the identity, if it is found that someone else is taking the course your certificate will be voided



Once you have taken the refresher Modules and passed you will be issued with a renewed certificate and ID card.

NOTE: You MUST upload a head and shoulders passport sized photo of good quality to your user profile and on the last lesson, this will be used on your ID card.

ID example





MMO3 - R - Law & Guidelines


Other Lessons

MMO7- JNCC/UKCS Refresher Course End

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