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Welcome to the Marine Mammal Observer – for Australian waters online training course.

This course will aim to provide you with all the background knowledge you need to become an EFFECTIVE and CONFIDENT Marine Mammal Observer in Australian waters.

If you are going to work in Australian waters you MUST take this course in ADDITION to the MMO SoS course.

There are 31 lessons in this Course, you must complete all of them and the tests that go will each Module. The time taken for each lesson depends on the individual learner, their language and prior learning abilities.

Please remember that there ARE differences in the legal aspects of these regions, UKCS and Australia, you MUST work to the guidelines of the Country/Region you are working in.


Important information

Please note, we can not solve any issues that you have with your own personal computers/Laptops/tablets.

  • Android phones and iphones will not work with this course as the training material images will be too small to view
  • At the end of each session/day you MUST log out, and log back in at the start of each day, your login times are recorded on the system and the times are added to your overall competence
  • You Must click only ONCE on the green complete quiz button, if you click more than once numerous quizzes will be sent to the system and only one is marked, therefore the system will lock you out until all quizzes have been reviewed
  • If you fail the Quiz you can retake again, but you MUST click on the Red Reset Quiz button before you can take the Quiz again
  • Your online course MUST be taken by you, we will randomly call the student to ensure of the identity, if it is found that someone else is taking the course your certificate will be voided



You need to Upload a head and shoulders photo of you for your MMO Identification Card. If you do not upload a passport photo of yourself we CAN NOT issue your certificate or ID card.




Your Certificate is downloadable as soon as you have passed the Course and uploaded your photo, please ensure you download it and save it. If you do not upload a photo there will be a delay in Certification and ID cards.


Australian MMO3 - Legislation - Observer Reporting


Australian MMO5 - Monitoring