Marine Mammal Observer JNCC Classroom Facilitated Course

Marine Mammal Observer JNCC Classroom Facilitated Course


Welcome to JNCC/UKCS classroom facilitated course.

This course includes our Full SoS Marine Mammal Observer Course, this gives you the foundation information to become an efficient MMO, the legal guidelines for JNCC will be explored in depth.

This course will concentrate on all the legal aspects of JNCC and the UK continental shelf region. The JNCC data sheets and excel workbook data entry will be covered in detail in this Course.

You are required to read through all the material for this course before you attend, as you will be tested on your knowledge on the final day of the practical.

Once you have read all the material/modules given we will review each module in person, in the classroom, all the legal aspects of the guidelines and how to complete the data sheets in full.

This course will include a full days practical element where you will put into practice all the units of competency to ensure you are a well informed JNCC UKCS approved MMO, you WILL be expected to complete all your data sheets correctly and efficiently, convert to excel spread sheets and make informed decisions on issues that arise on the practical. Report writing and data analysis, will consist of completing a pre-mobilisation presentation and a final full report, including all the datasheets.





Dates Available for 2019

September 23-27th – Hervey Bay Queensland Australia  – Places Available

October 7-11th – Poole Dorset UK  – Places Available

November 11-15th – Hervey Bay Queensland Australia – Places Available

December  TBA – Hervey Bay Queensland Australia  Places Available


Please note you can choose the online MMO Course followed by the JNCC upgrade and then complete the course with the premobilsation and practical as an alternative way to take the MMO certificate.

If English is NOT your first language we recommend taking the facilitated course as the modules can be explained to you in more detail.


If these dates are not suitable for your company we can arrange other training times at your venue to suit if you have 6 or more staff to train.

Important information – Must read and agree to 

Please note, we can not solve any issues that you have with your own personal computers/Laptops/tablets.

  • Android phones and iphones will not work with this course as the training material images will be too small to view
  • At the end of each session/day you MUST log out, and log back in at the start of each day, your login times are recorded on the system and the times are added to your overall competence
  • You Must click only ONCE on the green complete quiz button, if you click more than once numerous quizzes will be sent to the system and only one is marked, therefore the system will lock you out until all quizzes have been reviewed
  • If you fail the Quiz you can retake again, but you MUST click on the Red Reset Quiz button before you can take the Quiz again
  • Your online course MUST be taken by you, we will randomly call the student to ensure of the identity, if it is found that someone else is taking the course your certificate will be voided